FlowVIEW Software

Project AutoFLOW presents the auto-gating and visualisation software FlowVIEW:

FlowVIEW is based on the powerful algorithms and database of expert-evaluated FCM records developed in the course of the project. Users can upload FCM files, perform a fully automated gating procedure (duration so far <90sec.) to describe populations of healthy and blast cells, currently with a precision of about 85.4% so far, but with a growing number of special ALL variants this figure will improve in the course of the project. img-2016-03-29 12.47.54
FlowVIEW can visualise 20 (actually up to 120) different plots of a cell sample with up to 2 million data points in real time, i.e. the user is able to zoom in in each plot and consider each cell population in detail. This is possible because the processes are calculated directly on the graphics card and therefore very large amounts of data such as the FCM output can be processed quickly.

Special Features

  • auto-gating
  • user-operated multi-dimensional gating
  • highlighting of cell groups, e.g. blasts
  • change colours for cell clusters
  • real-time zoom in up to single cell populations
  • moving & exchanging the plots
  • intuitive user interface optimised for medical personnel

Tech. Details

  • C++, Qt, Open CV

Watch a screen video on YouTube or test FlowVIEW yourself!
(=>Send download request to martin.kampel(at)tuwien.ac.at)

The AutoFLOW project team will appreciate your active usage and feedback!

Short Guide

Follow these 3 steps to test the auto-gating:
img-2016-06-08 18.55.55

img-2016-06-08 18.56.19

img-2016-06-08 18.59.01

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